Simple Little Things

One thing that has really gotten me going with the writing aspect of this blog, is feeling a little guilty when I take a break. Besides the fact that I didn’t have a computer to work with all weekend, I also wasn’t feeling the part. With the past couple of days being out of commission, I really had to put my mind forward and think. What are some ways to keep me motivated with my goal, even when I can’t get out and run? Is there anything interesting that I didn’t know about running that I might want to research, while I can’t get out? The more I looked different things up, the more I became confident in what my plans were, and that is the most important thing, right?

I wish I looked that good when I run.

One thing I found I really enjoyed were all the YouTube videos. There were so many that I really enjoyed watching, which I didn’t think I would. I tend to find those inspirational or instructional videos you see on there a little annoying, but these were interesting. I think this is solely because I’m now obsessed with the idea of becoming a runner, but really that’s what I was going for the whole time, anyway. And then I ran into a video that I absolutely needed to see, it made me want the hard work and aching joints. You’ll see what I mean:

Get it, girl!

There are things in this world that will make me want to give up (like learning that running can lead to your toe nails falling off — eek!!), but I know that I absolutely, one-hundred percent cannot give up. This is what I’ve been wanting to do: something different, something new, for a very long time. The running bit has only just been entered into my equation, but I’m married to the idea of being a marathon runner some day. Someone I know just recently commented on one of my posts that she also had a really hard time with starting a running routine. That is not a deterrent for me. That only shows me that there are other people out there who know what it was like, and yet they made it through the hurdles. That means that I just have to keep going myself. In fact, I’m headed to the gym right now…


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